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Siglato Accordo Strategico nel settore “Tecnologie per l’ambiente”


Today 6 November, Jalteco company (Jinan Aldio Technology Consulting Co., Ltd), a CinItaly partner and a consulting firm specializing in Temporary Export Management and transfer technology, has signed an important agreement with Shandong Sanrun companies Environmental Technology Co., Ltd and Shandong Deyuan Industrial Park Co., Ltd.

Jalteco, founded "just" last June in Jinan, capital of Shandong Province, is a new associate of CinItaly, governed by a 100% Italian management, it aims to assist and accompany mainly micro and small businesses innovative Italians in the vast and promising Chinese market.

At the same time, it wants to support Chinese companies in their search for technology partners.

Jalteco employs a network of partners, professionals and specialists in a variety of fields of commerce and technology in China. In Italy it closely relates with the association Cinitaly for the phases of "scuoting & matching".

Sanrun Environmental Technology is a company that has a mission to tackle, with innovative and effective solutions, the hard struggle to defend and improve the environment and the quality of life of citizens.

With a close relationship with the Department of “Circular Economics” at the prestigious University of Shandong, Sanrun Environmental Technology is an important "channel" connecting those with specific problems to be solved and the carriers of solutions.

Deyuan Indutrial Park, will also collaborate on Scouting's activities throughout China, with a focus on the eastern provinces (where the main environmental problems due to recent and intense industrial activity arise (manufacturing, chemistry and mining).



There are numerous challenges facing companies, among the first commitments to participate in the next edition of "Innovation Week Italy-China", which this year will have a two-day session in the city of Jinan.

It is Shandong University that takes charge of organizing a conference on the environment by inviting Italian institutions and companies to bear their testimony.


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