DPICGSC - Demostration Park of Innovative Cooperation of Global Chain

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In the Palace that houses the "Demostration Park of Innovative Cooperation", the presence of local authorities took place on March 14th, the ceremony for the signing of the strategic agreement between our Association and the Shanzuo Group, creator and manager of the project "



With this agreement Shanzuo Group (from now on SZ) and CinItaly jointly set up the first example of “Italian Experience, the format supported by CinItaly to best represent the quality and tradition of products and services strictly“ Made In ”.

SZ identifies the InfoSeal tool as a valid support for the promotion of quality products not only in Italy but also in China. The parties agree to identify, supported by the Chinese provincial and national authorities, an institution / institution that can cover the role that Italy is of the CNR.

At the same time, they undertake to share all information on trade policies between Italy / EU and China. 

The highlights of the agreement.

SZ, provides CinItaly and its associates:

  • Internships at the Joint Procurement Center of the United Nations
  • Market consulting services for CINITALY member companies in China
  • Consultancy services for settlement and presence in the Chinese market
  • Brand promotion in the Chinese market
  • Selected team of professionals for other entrepreneurial services that CINITALY will need in China
  • Administrative logistical support to CINITALY companies that will carry out commercial activities in China

On the other hand, CinItaly undertakes to:

  • Guarantee the occupation of the space made available by Shanzuo for Italian products and services (of CinItaly associates, therefore with respect for quality and declared origin)
  • Provide professional assistance to "SZ member" companies for export to Italy and Europe
  • Assist SZ directly in the performance of its business and corporate mission in Italy and Europe
  • Participate in the Shanzuo Group professional committee created to support the import and export process of "SZ member" companies
  • Promote the activities shared and agreed with SZ in the Italian cities and regions in Italy
  • Provide talented SZs (professionals and experts) in the various fields useful to the common business

For companies already associated with the CinItaly22 format, there will be no further costs for joining the project.

From 2 May 2019 the layouts of the area available to CinItaly and its associates will be available, on the same date the price list will be published for exhibiting its products in the DPICGSC.

The inauguration of the center is scheduled for the end of May, for the inauguration we were asked to organize a series of events: from the cultural, associated with the tradition and culture of our country, to that of having a series of meetings " scientific technicians "linked to innovation (from packaging to the dehydration of fruit and vegetables, from the importance of nutraceuticals to medicine using techniques for extracting active ingredients from plants).

CinItaly is working to identify an Italian geographical area to best represent the history of regional cuisine and the properties of the "Mediterranean Diet", of crafts / high craftsmanship / art, music and ... "good wine".

The event will have a "laboratory" session (workshop) where our cooks, instead of craftsmen, will be able to demonstrate their talent.


Il DPICGSC è all’interno del “Jinan Comprehensive Free Trade Zone”, area di sviluppo per il trading internazionale. Collocato in una posizione baricentrica tra la città di Jinan, l’aeroporto internazionale della capitale e alla cittadella italiana di Zhangqiu. 

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