Signed agreement between CinItaly & Shanzou Group

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INFO CINITALY -   19 Marzo 2019

CinItaly Association hands global supply Chain innovation cooperation Demonstration Park


 Jinan Comprehensive Free trade zone the day before yesterday


On the afternoon of March 14, 2019, the Shandong Shanzuo Group and CinItaly Association successfully signed, the global Supply Chain innovation cooperation Demonstration Park to welcome new members, to achieve a new breakthrough in investment.

Global Supply Chain Innovation cooperation Demonstration Park by the ShanZuo Holding Group Co., Ltd. Investment set up, located in Jinan Comprehensive free trade zone, is currently making every effort to create four trading centers, respectively:

● the United Nations global procurement of Chinese suppliers incubation;

● China's quality products export display Trading Center;

● World non-legacy and handicraft display trading center;

● world's quality products import display Trading Center. 

After the global supply chain innovation cooperation Demonstration Park is officially operated, through the establishment of a sound full chain supply chain systemWe can further promote the innovation and application of supply chain in our province and even the whole country, create new kinetic energy, new business style and new mode of trade service, promote the opening of trade service industry to the outside sector, and construct a new system of open economy. After the official operation, it is expected to achieve annual import and export volume of more than 3 billion yuan.


The Cinitaly Innovation Association will set up the Italian pavilion at the global Supply Chain innovation cooperation Demonstration Park as the association's only office in China, responsible for all the association's Cooperative exchange operations in China. Cinitaly Innovation Association is a new innovation association based on the concept of "Silk Road 4.0", advocating the use of innovative cooperation and trading methods, and constantly explore the common ground and contact points of economic and trade cooperation between China and the two countries, Cinitaly in Italy is rich in resources, will be a strong service to the development and growth of the relevant economic and trade enterprises in China.


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