Mission in Italy of the delegation of the Municipality of Jinan

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INFO CINITALY  11 October 2018

Yesterday was the visit of the delegation led by Mrs. Tian Ying (Deputy Executive President, Jinan People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries), Mr Teng Yongjun (Director, Organization Department of CPC Zhangqiu District Committee, Mr. Zhang Weiguo (Director, Organization Department of CPC Jinan Innovation Zone). On the staff, the interpreter Mrs Li Qianqian.

Three meetings planned by Cinitaly:

a) University of Tor Vergata (Rome)

b) B. Meeting with some companies and members of the MTC of Cinitaly (Rome)

c) Economic Policies Department of the Tuscan Region (Florence).


a) University of Tor Vergata

18.10.08 - At the rectorate of ateneo of Roma2, in addition to confirming the relationships of friendship and collaboration already covered by the previous agreement with Rector Prof, Giuseppe Novelli and the municipality of Jinan (Mr Ding Linqiao), he entered the operative phase, identifying the projects covered by future collaborations in the field of genomics research in the fight against cancer and training.



b) CinItaly

In the afternoon, some solutions were presented to the Jinan delegation by the companies and experts of the MTC of Cinitaly: Robotics applied to the logistics of the drug; Environmental surveys, Ground Deformation monitoring and analysis of sources; PFU Recovery Systems (Tyres End of Life); Precision farming and environmental research; Urbanistic project of the "Italian Citadel"/SIRIP.

c) Tuscany region

Meeting between Jinan delegation and the councillor for productive activities, Dr Stefano Ciuffo. The meeting took place in the historic Palazzo Guadagni Strozzi Sacrati seat of the presidency of the Tuscan region, in the beautiful fresco’s hall.

The competences of the assessor covers the following sectors: economic support to the sectors of crafts, small and medium-sized enterprises, industry and coverage; Promotion and internationalization of the production system; Interventions to support the processes of innovation and technology transfer in the production system; Youth entrepreneurship; Female entrepreneurship; Credit Tourism and hotel industry; Trade fairs and markets.

Present at the meeting, in addition to the president of Cinitaly Attilio Minafra and vice-Presidents Fausto Piranomonte and Zhao Hongyuan, also the director general of the Foundation system Toscana Dr. Stefano Chiappini and the head of the Internet Festival of Pisa, D. SSA Adriana De Cesare. The partner of Cinitaly, the technological hub of Navacchio was represented by the President Andrea di Benedetto and the head of business development, Dr. Paolo Alderigi.

During the meeting were underlined the initiatives already started with important districts, technological poles, universities and research areas in the region.


The memoranda of understanding between the two important territories have been exchanged, accumulated by a millenarian history and by the continuous commitment in research, innovation and support to young talents.

The head of the delegation, Mrs Tian Ying, invited the Councillor Ciuffo and the representatives of the Tuscan region to visit the Jinan district.

Attilio Minafra, underlines the importance of the participation of Cinitaly at the upcoming Internet Festival in Pisa, the councillor hopes that it is the first of a long series of meetings and insights, all accumulated by the concreteness and good quality of the projects of cooperation that will be put in the pipeline.




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