Zhangqiu Italian Cittadel, first design proposal

by CinItaly's Team
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INFO CINITALY  2018 April 08

Since the first visit of the delegation of Jinan in Italy, has been represented to the various Italian organizations, both institutional and entrepreneurial, the project of the District of Zhangqiu: the "Sino-Italian Research and Industrial Park", which we abbreviated In "Italian Citadel".


The goal of Jinan's future industrial park is to be the main "attractive" pole,for Chinese and foreign companies and research and education centers, in Shandong.
The common and challenging objective of the Government of Jinan and CinItaly is to create a policy of collaboration and cooperation "win-win" between Italy and China. The draft maxim (152 slides) was presented on April 9 to the Governor Mr Han and the commission of responsible officials in various titles of the project, in the governmental meeting room..


The project's draftsman was the architect from the Roj architects of Beijing, who perfectly interpreted the guidelines that CinItaly had conveyed to the prestigious Beijing architectural firm (professionals working from over Twenty years in China). The governor of Zhangqiu, appreciated the work done and shared the design idea that sees the future "citadel" as a model of sustainable economies (research, enterprise and education) and quality of life as a whole. The project envisages the integration of "green" technologies: from the reuse of rainwater, to the treatment of air (indoor and outdoor), from smart solutions of renewable energy to the innovative practices of urban waste management.



The area that will take the name "Italian Citadel" will have a surface of about 73 Ha, and rise on the director that joins Jinan to the port of Qingdao. The international airport is just a few miles away and the new Metro Branch (M3) is expected to transit next to it, with a dedicated stop (forecast 2021).

The Sino-Italian Research and Industrial Park, was born with the aim of sharing services and places to the different components that will make the park alive: Research laboratories dedicated to different disciplines, teaching rooms, offices, restaurants and cafes, daily Hospital, residences for teachers and young entrepreneurs, theatre, shopping mall, just to list some.



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